Are you growing with Jesus every day? Are you learning to trust Him along life’s way?

Did you know faith, hope and love remain; but if you don’t have love, your faith is in vain.

Now this is love…it is patient and kind.

It can’t be bought…it can’t be sold; you learn it in hard times.

It’s easy to love those who love you; that’s like loving ice cream and chocolate, too.

Real love can endure much pain; and when life gets hard, real love remains.

So don’t think love is easy to do; it’s the greatest of all, but it will really cost you.

Love can suffer and endure much pain. Real love is tested again and again.

You might have big faith and with your hope you stand tall;

But if you miss love, you miss the greatest of all.

Love is tried in the fire…God will test you, my friend.

The flames will get hotter when God’s burning off sin.

Your love will grow stronger with every test you go through,

when you yield to the One who’s working in you.

The problem today is people don’t understand love.

If you’re learning from Hollywood; that’s not love from above.

Love will hardly notice when others treat you wrong.

It is quick to say, “I’m sorry…we need to just move on.”

Love is the greatest because it’s the hardest one to do.

Jesus went to the cross…and said, “I love you.”

Timothy J. Wright
4/10/2015     (C)



So what’s your purpose in life… your goals and your dreams?

Is God in your thoughts or is your mind filled with things?

Is your to-do list so long that for God there’s no time?

Are the toys on your shelf all stuck in your mind?

Examine your heart…is that something you do?

So the things that you have don’t really have you.

Our hearts are a gift that we give to God;

Because above all things, He wants our love.

Are you willing right now to examine your heart,

And to take out the things that keep you apart.

If you listen close, you can hear God say,

“Leave room in your heart for me today.”

There’s a battle going on in case you don’t know;

It’s not over money or land or for gold.

Our commander is Jesus…He knows the way;

He’s been here before…He can help you today.

Our hearts are the treasure that we’re fighting for

Because who has your heart will win this war.

If you’re trusting Jesus, this battle you’ll win.

Don’t trust in your heart…it will deceive you my friend.

If it feels good just do it will lead you astray;

And the cross you once cherished will get in your way.

Sin’s fun for a season…we all will agree.

But the cross will bring joy for all eternity.

Timothy Wright – 7/31/2015     (C)


How can I write about how great You are

When You are so much greater than everything by far.

I couldn’t even tell the story without a glimpse of all your glory.

If I could paint, I could never paint You…

All the colors in the world would never do.

You are far greater than what we know or see;

But I could tell the story of how much You loved me.

You took me out of darkness and brought me into Your light.

I was a mess from head to toe…I must have been a sight!

But You loved me with a love I have never felt before;

And when I showed you all my sins, You loved me even more.

Who am I that you should bother or even really care?

My past forgiven…my sins erased…just like they were not there.

And if that wasn’t enough, You gave me hope I’ll be with you.

It is the anchor of my soul when trials I go through.

So how could I not tell of the love and kindness You give to me.

My life was empty…I was bound in sin before You set me free.

I love to tell my story because You gave me a brand new start;

You can’t find it in a book, because it’s written on my heart.

Timothy J. Wright
June 26, 2015     (C)

A Fathers Love

Since the beginning of time till time is no more

God goes after and God goes before

He always was and He always will be

The first and the last…God Almighty.

So if you’re struggling in life, why not go to Him?

He’s bigger and wiser from beginning to end.

Don’t just go through life feeling lost every day

When your heavenly Father says, “I am the way.”

He sees all the struggles and pain you’ve been in.

He waits at your door and He’s knocking again.

You can’t just ignore Him…He’s been there before.

Maybe it’s time that you opened the door.

Your problems in life will not just go away

If you’re running from God and He’s calling today.

So open your heart and just let Him in.

He’s been patiently waiting again and again.

The one your heart longs for has been longing for you.

When you turn Him away, it hurts his heart too.

So where can you run and why would you go

From your Heavenly Father who loves you so?

His doorway is open…go quickly to Him

He’s calling lost children…it’s time to come in.

Timothy Wright – 2/2/16     (C)


I hope we all get to heaven, but God’s Word is pretty clear.

Some will miss by eighteen inches…between their heart and their ear.

Oh, I know they will say we’re hypocrites and guess what…it’s probably true;

But we found grace, and we found mercy…I pray to God you find it too.

Are we really hypocrites? Now you could make the case.

Cause we screw up and now and then, we’re known to make mistakes.

But when we fall down, we get up again. We learn; we grow; we follow Him.

It’s what you don’t know I really fear. Cause our eyes can see and our ears can hear.

I don’t know how, but I remember when I prayed the sinner’s prayer to Him.

So, God to you my prayer will be…you’ll open their eyes so they can see.

So, if you want you can pray with me, “Lord Jesus I’ve sinned and I’ve lost my way.

I forgot your cross and the price you paid.

I have nothing to offer and nothing to give; I cry out for your mercy and my sins to forgive.”

Now if you really meant that prayer, there’s a party in heaven with angels there.

They’re singing and dancing around God’s throne, because one more child of His went home.

But there’s one more thing that you must do to seal your faith and prove it’s true… go tell someone what God has done. You once were blind but now you see.

You don’t know how, but you remember when you prayed a sinner’s prayer to Him.

Timothy J. Wright
12/3/2014     (C)

Come Quickly Lord!

I’m going up to Heaven’s gates. This world is not my home.

I’m trying to reach the Father’s heart…that’s where I’ll write my poem.

I’ll quiet myself at His feet…I’ll command my soul to rest.

I’m going to the throne of God…that’s where I write my best.

The closer that I get to Him, the more I come undone.

I must be near the heart of God…getting closer to the Son.

Only glory everywhere…His train fills this place.

One day I’ll get a glimpse of Him…for now I get a taste.

I know my feet are on the ground, but my spirit’s near the throne.

I can’t believe that one day soon this place will be our home!

Come quickly, Lord…this is our prayer…be with Your people again.

Fill the Heavens and fill the earth…destroy the powers of sin.

Because when your glory fills this land, sin will be no more.

Death will lose its victory…the grave will shut its door.

I’ve been to Zion to the Mount of Olives…where one day you will stand

And all the saints will be with you…come quickly, Lord again!

Then we will see You face to face and hear the trumpet sound

And be with You forever more…oh Lord, won’t you come down?

Timothy Wright
1/26/16     (C)