In Your Presence

He who created the Heavens in just one day could have written a poem that would take our breath away.

He might have written about His Father or a place called Beulah land.

Or maybe of His kingdom or His coming back again.

But He saved those poems for you and for me, so we could tell about His love throughout all eternity.

So, I’m storming Heaven’s gates with God’s word as my course.

He said the violent, you see, will take it by force.

I want that poem…my soul can’t rest. Right from His heart…nothing more…nothing less.

Oh the wonder of His glory, I could never take it in. But if a poem could tell the story, I would write it with my pen.

He could show us streets of gold, pearly gates or crystal seas. But if I looked into His eyes, I would say “Lord, none of these.”

Let me stay here in your presence…it is you we want to see. You are all our soul has longed for and where you are, I want to be.

Timothy Wright


Indescribable God

 You can’t put God in a picture frame; He’s not at all like this.

He’s way to big for your fireplace, and there’s a lot you’re going to miss.

He’s a God of love, a God of war and a God of peace and so much more.

He holds yesterday, today and forever in his hands.

With our little minds, we could never understand.

His attributes are innumerable; his ways past finding out.

He’s  Lord of Lords and King of Kings; if you’ve ever had a doubt.

He always was and always will be; He’s eternal and forever God Almighty.

The Alpha and Omega…the beginning and the end;

The Creator and sustainer. All things come from him.

I hope you’re getting the picture.Because He’s really big, you see.

He holds the universe in his hands; He’s not like you and me.

The earth is just his footstool and the heavens are his throne.

But what makes him even bigger yet, our hearts He calls his home.

And out of all of his creation, the cross cannot compare.

It redeems lost sinners like you and me and He does it all right there.

You see when He created  the heavens and laid out all its plans,

He forgot just one thing…He forgot all of your sins.

That’s when mercy left a trail for everyone to see.

It started at the heart of God…then it stopped at Calvary.

Have you found that trail, my friend?  It continues to this day.

It’s going to take you to the cross and wash your sins away.

Timothy J. Wright



I once heard a story about four little girls who grew up in a very loving home.

Their father always told them that you are the special one…the most precious are you alone.

Years would go by…the father would die…and one day the youngest girl said, “Father told me that I was the special one.”  The others all shook their head.

So the secret was out what the father had done…he made them all special…yes every one.

That’s so like what our heavenly father would do when he tells us there’s none quite as special as you.

Not one of us alike and never again…but we’re only special if we’re living for him.

One day he’ll show us how special we are…when he was nailed to that cross, every nail left a scar.

When we’re with him in heaven all his glory we’ll see…even the scars left for you and for me.

We become special when we call on his name.  He made us all special but we’re all not the same.

So if you want to be special, now you know what to do…put your trust in Jesus…he’ll make you special too.

Timothy J. Wright     (c)



The fullness of the gentiles was finally now all in

His thousand year reign was just starting to begin.

The line to see Aslan stretched out for miles.

The first in line were those in life who had the hardest trials.

But who are these all dressed in white I heard an angel say.

They were those who fought the beast that the antichrist would slay.

They shined like the morning sun, and a new name was given them.

Aslan called them “faithful” because they were faithful to the end.

You could always find them very near to the throne.

Aslan made them pillars in the temple of his home.

These were those who fought the beast, even on to death

Some in line were grieved when they saw their faithfulness.

And others were very sad because they did not give their all.

In life they were too selfish and missed God’s higher call.

They wished they could go back if only for one day.

And do the things they should have done, but time had slipped away.

We will all give an account one day of what we did or did not do.

Aren’t you glad it’s not too late for me and for you?

So remember now when life gets tough…be faithful through it all.

And you could be a pillar in God’s temple standing tall.


Timothy J Wright     ©




One day the Heavens will open and the trumpet of God will sound.

The dead in Christ will come alive and be raised up from the ground.

No more sorrow, no more pain…death will lose its sting.

We will reign with Him for evermore and Jesus will be our King.

Now even if you’re in the ground and your body rots away,

He’ll raise you up to be with Him on Resurrection Day.

I don’t know how, but He is God and God could never lie.

He’ll raise us up at the trumpet sound and we’ll meet Him in the sky.

But only if you know Jesus will you live for evermore.

You must find Him while you’re still living before death has shut the door.

Is it hard for you to believe? than  Consider this, my friend.

Two thousand year old seeds were planted and they came to life again.

Jesus is our living seed and if He’s living inside of you,

He’ll raise you up even if you’re dead with a body that’s brand new.

But if you didn’t live for Him and the trumpet begins to blow,

You won’t even hear a sound and you’ll end up down below.

You say, “How can I find this Jesus?”  You seek Him with all your heart.

Not with your mind…you won’t find Him there…the heart is where you start. 

So this is my advice to you…don’t miss the trumpet call.

Give your heart to Jesus now and make Him Lord of all.


Timothy J. Wright     ©





If your life is filled with mistakes…I wish I would

have and what I should have done.

You could be a candidate for a second chance…a new beginning…a brand new one.

If you’re living in your past, there’s nothing there you can change.

But if you want to change your future, you need to stop and re-arrange.

Maybe start with your priorities…let’s make God number one.

You can’t pretend…He knows your heart.  Before you begin, this must be done.

Remember, you’re getting a new beginning…you get to start all over again.

It might be hard, but it will be worth it…new beginnings have better ends.

You really have nothing to lose…other than mistakes and lots of pain.

So why not do it God’s way…your mistakes He turns to gain.

Now a battle will begin…it’s a battle for control.

But you’re the only one who’s fighting…you could trust God and just let go.

Because whoever wins this battle will determine your destiny.

Old ways are hard to break…but new beginnings can set you free.

So if you’re tired of your old ways, why not try something new.

It’s too late to change your past, but not too late to change you.

Author and producer of new beginnings…the Holy Spirit co-starring

God the Father and Jesus the Son.

P.S.  New beginnings are not for everyone…only for those who are willing to come.


Timothy J Wright            ©



When God’s living in you, that’s a majority you see.

You can be way outnumbered and still watch your enemy flee.

But if there’s idols in your heart, your enemy’s chasing you.

He’ll steal your blessings one by one and there’s nothing you can do.

I’ll tell you now…you should beware…you’re no match for him.

If God’s not living in you, this enemy will win.

A blessing or a curse…you need to choose between the two.

You can’t just stay on the fence when the devil’s chasing you.

But as for me and my house, we will choose the Lord.

I want God’s blessings to follow us and live forever more.

One thing always happens when Jesus is around.

God’s blessings overtake us and the curse cannot be found.

The choice is very simple, but I will make it really clear.

Fear and death on that side…peace and blessings here.

So if you’re searching for God’s blessings, I can tell you the way.

Jesus is the way….He’s all you need today.

And now if you’re still wondering what side you need to choose,

I would probably choose the side you can’t afford to lose.


Timothy J. Wright       ©





If your prayer life’s almost gone and you’re barely hanging on,

You might need a resurrection…not from the grave, but from beyond.

Jesus came to give us life, and give it abundantly,

So something’s wrong if you don’t have it…let’s take a look and see.

Did you know that repairing people is a lot like fixing a car?

If a wire’s bad, you could lose your spark…you’re not going very far.

Mechanics use a flashlight…God’s word can light our way.

They fix things on their back…we get on our knees and pray.

Now when I’m abiding in Him and His word is abiding in me,

If I lose my spark or something’s wrong, His word can help me see.

But if I forget my first love and go back to my old ways,

Then I forgot the blood He shed and the price He had to pay.

God has given us every tool to conquer the power of sin;

But now and then we need a tune-up to help us live for Him.

Are you in need of a tune-up?  Don’t wait to call ahead.

If you wait too long, you’re going to need a tow truck instead!

One day we’ll stand before Him and see Him face to face,

Not clothed in our own righteousness, but in His amazing grace.

Until that day Lord help us to present ourselves to you,

A vessel that has honored you in everything we do.


Timothy J. Wright    ©




I guess I better warn you so I can say I told you so;

There is a God…the Bible’s true, and you will be judged on what you know.

I can tell you Bible stories…you could even shed a tear.

But if Jesus is not your savior, it works against you up there.

Some have never heard the truth…that Jesus can save them from their sin.

But if you heard and don’t believe, your judgment’s worse than them.

Jesus said this will judge us starting at His Word,

So you’re better off on Judgment Day if you really never heard.

It’s not true for those who love Him and want to call Him Lord.

But those that don’t…the Word of God is sharper than a sword.

One day it will expose the way you really feel about Him.

I hope you’re comfortable in your own shoes…I know that I sure am.

The Word of God is powerful….it can break down Satan’s lies.

So I’m praying for you that one day soon, it will open up your eyes.

I’m sending you this letter…my intent is not in vain.

My hope for you is one day soon, you’ll call on Jesus’ name.

I can’t bear the thought that in Heaven you won’t be there;

So I’m on my knees praying for you that Heaven we both can share.

Now, don’t send me an IOU…your debt’s already been paid.

Jesus paid it on the cross…then rose up from the grave.

I hope you get this letter in time….I tried to rush it through.

And when you do, remember this…I’m still praying for you.  


            Timothy J. Wright           ©



Who are we that You should hear our cry? 

Jehovah Jirah our Provider…the never-changing El Shadi.

You put the stars in their place and spoke the world into being.

But take the time to hear our prayer…who are we that You should care.

You know our sorrows and our pains, and understand all our needs.

You are a shelter we can turn to…you are the God who really sees.

Your name gives hope that we can trust in…

your name gives strength to face the day.

Your name’s a fortress we can go to and know our help is on the way.

To you we find our refuge…Abba Father take our hand.

We’re here today and gone tomorrow like a candle in the wind.

But You are strong and You are mighty and with Your strength we overcome

When life’s trials overwhelm us, once again to You we run.

There is a name above all others…go to Him if you are bound.

And call upon the name of Jesus…there is no sweeter name around.

Are you sure you really know Him?  He is more than just a name.

He is the sweetest Rose of Sharon…the smell of lilies in the Spring.

But He will hide among the lilies…only a few will hear His call.

When you find Him, you will know it…He is the sweetest rose of all.


Timothy J. Wright        ©