A martyr’s call



Lord, we can’t do this without You…it’s our desire to give our all.

But if we had to, would we do it? And could we die a martyr’s call?

Many brave have gone before us…make us strong like them, we pray.

The songs we sing…they are the chorus…still speak and move our hearts today.

Holy Spirit it’s You we turn to…our precious treasure from above.

Without Your help we would deny Him…take away our selfish love.

If You take away our comfort, give us faith as pure as gold.

And when the flames of life get hotter, make us stronger; make us bold.

Till the day we stand before You, keep our hearts, oh Lord, we pray.

To all the martyrs that went before us, you are the heroes of our day.

One glimpse of You…it will be worth it. Pain and suffering will be no more.

The seed You planted will finally open beyond the grave at Heaven’s shore.

So may we never Lord deny You…with our last breath we’ll see your face.

It’s not how we start that matters…it’s how we end that wins the race.


Timothy J. Wright


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