When God closes a door, you need to walk on by.

That door is probably not for you…trust God, He knows why.

But if He opens up a door, no man could ever close.

It might not be the door you pick…trust Him because He knows.

When doors slam shut in life, it can sometimes set us free.

Because on our knees we will discover hidden manna we did not see.

If we chose our own path, He lets us have our way.

But life gets hard…we cry to Him, “Where is Your grace today?”

His grace is where it’s always been…his Love is ever true.

He’ll bring you back…you can start again, but He’ll have to carry you.

Life is full of choices…be careful how you choose.

The joy of the Lord is our strength…that we can’t afford to lose.

The longer that we walk with Him, the more we’ll choose His way,His rod and staff will lead us…like sheep, we tend to stray.

Looking back, who’s been more faithful and who’s been our closest friend?

From the first day that He chose us, until the very end.

It was Him that counted the cost, you see, with a love that was so true.

When He looked down, and said “that one there…I’m going to die for you.”

Timothy Wright      (c)


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