When I get to Heaven and when I’m finally home

I’ll be glad to see my loved ones…but I’m headed for the throne.

I know there’s lots of angels there and exciting things to see,

But when I arrive in Heaven, there’s one place I need to be.

This could sound a little selfish, but I want some time with Him;

He’s helped me through so many things and become my closest friend.

He found me when I was broken and had no hope inside.

He breathed in me the breath of life and my spirit came alive.

So you see why I must find Him…even if I have to wait.

I won’t be in a hurry there…if I’m beyond the pearly gate.

He might come out to greet me when I get near His throne.

I’ll run into His arms, I know…as He tells me “Welcome home.”

So many things to thank Him for…where will I begin?

I’ll probably forget every word when I take one look at Him!

Lord, it’s been a long journey, but now I’m finally home;

Could I just stay with You awhile…right here by your throne?

Now you know I’m only dreaming, but one day it will be true.

Do you have dreams of Heaven? I surely hope you do.

And do you know this Jesus…has He become your friend?

Because if you don’t, you need to know you might not be with Him.

Timothy J. Wright     (c)


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