Lord, if I ever doubt your love for me,

remind me of how I used to be.

Take me back to when we first began,

and show me the person I was back then.

Year by year as I grow in your grace,

I sometimes forget the pains you erased.

Don’t let me complain about things I go through,

but look at the way you’re making me new.

Would you put a watchman before my mind

to remind me life’s trials are your design.

Don’t let me pretend that I love you so;

search my heart oh Lord…I want to know.

So I can worship you with a heart that is right

and truly say you are my delight.

Start a fire down in my soul.

Lord, hold me close…don’t let me go.

I want my life to count for you.

Help me to finish what you’ve called me to do.

I know the cross will be my friend.

This life I’m living one day will end.

Then all I could be will be gone for evermore.

Lord, help me today before I reach that shore.

Timothy Wright-8/2015      (c)

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