The Greatest Story Never Told

Do you read your Bible? Do you know what it’s about?

Maybe it’s time you stopped and took some time to check it out.

Just imagine there’s a God who created all you see.

And that He is a God of love so He created you and me.

He wrote a book to tell his story so all creation could see his glory.

Then his children did something very hard to believe.

All the things that He created, they began to worship these.

And the Bible that He gave them that told of all his glory;

They refused to believe it and made up a different story.

His creation screams out, “I’m a very big God!”

But his children took trees and made their God out of these.

They began to worship the god of their hands

and soon forgot The God who made them.

They built houses and boats and played with their games;

and said to themselves, “Nothing has changed.”

Things that ever were and ever will be; they all stay the same…it’s just you & me.

So the greatest story of the God of old was hardly even ever told.

Yes, they forgot God and when death knocks on their door,

they’ll stand before the One they were created for.

Won’t they be surprised…they thought He was dead.

Would you please read your Bible to find out what God said.

Timothy Wright – 1/2015     (C)

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