Returning Home

Has your journey been long? Has it caused your heart to roam?

Are you lost and confused, and a long way from home?

It’s never too late, no matter where you’ve been.

The Father’s always waiting to bring you back to him.

We’ve all been down that road. Don’t think you’re all alone.

You need to make another turn and take the road back home.

The road that you are on, you will never find the end.

It goes around and turns around and brings you back again.

Take the road less traveled and it will lead you home.

You’ll know when you are on it…your heart will no more roam.

We’ll all be there to greet you when you make your final turn.

Just don’t look back and don’t turn back to lessons you have learned.

Life is full of choices…sometimes the bad ones we will do.

But our God is a great redeemer…He makes beauty from this too.

So if your journey has left you lost and burdened down with sin.

You could start your journey home that leads you back to him.

If you take one step, the Father will take two.

But the first step is the hard step…that step is up to you.

Timothy Wright
2/2015     (C)

One thought on “Returning Home”

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