In Your Presence

He who created the Heavens in just one day could have written a poem that would take our breath away.

He might have written about His Father or a place called Beulah land.

Or maybe of His kingdom or His coming back again.

But He saved those poems for you and for me, so we could tell about His love throughout all eternity.

So, I’m storming Heaven’s gates with God’s word as my course.

He said the violent, you see, will take it by force.

I want that poem…my soul can’t rest. Right from His heart…nothing more…nothing less.

Oh the wonder of His glory, I could never take it in. But if a poem could tell the story, I would write it with my pen.

He could show us streets of gold, pearly gates or crystal seas. But if I looked into His eyes, I would say “Lord, none of these.”

Let me stay here in your presence…it is you we want to see. You are all our soul has longed for and where you are, I want to be.

Timothy Wright


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