Have You Been There?

I searched for a quiet place where my soul could find rest

But your still waters run deep…even this is a test.

Lord, how can I go when your way I can’t see?

When the waters get deep, all my fears will find me.

I won’t lead you in life where I will not go

When you pass through these waters you’ll see this is so.

In quietness and confidence I will make my way

I can hold to this anchor…it will be my stay.

I have been through the fire…it was years ago

You stood by me then…now those flames are but coal.

Faith will arise and these waters will still

I will trust in His leading…I will trust in His will.

The battle kept raging till I took a stand

Though the water was deep, my faith could see land.

This was a battle that brought me much gain

I discovered the power I had in His name.

The fears that I had…they would finally reside

When I went through those waters something happened inside.

The faith He imparted would conquer my fears

It was worth all my struggles…it was worth all my tears.

No one could buy this…even riches untold

This was more precious…more precious than gold.

Timothy J. Wright – 2/2/2016     (C)

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