Aslan’s On The Move

Aslan’s on the move…people are beginning to seek His face.

I hear of wars and rumors of wars…the world’s becoming a scary place!

This could be the last harvest…we won’t know when or how

But one thing is for sure…Aslan’s on the prowl.

He’s the Lion of Judah…He puts the nations in their place.

They are right where He predicted…the time is short if that’s the case.

If you’re not careful, you could miss Him as you go about your merry way

The signs are really all around us…this is a time to watch and pray.

When Aslan strikes, it will be deadly…He’s calling warriors to march with Him.

The last battle will be for us…He’s going to break the power of sin.

Only a remnant will He use…choose the side you will be on.

Because when the trumpet makes a sound, don’t look for us…we will be gone.

Then our Lord will appear with vengeance in His eye

He’s not the helpless Lamb of God…now He’s the ferocious El Shadi!

Every mountain will be leveled when the King is on His throne.

Only He is lifted up, for He is God and God alone.

Today’s the day to get ready…tomorrow belongs just to Him.

This could be your last chance before Aslan strikes again.

Timothy J. Wright
2/11/2016     (C)

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