I once heard a story about four little girls who grew up in a very loving home.

Their father always told them that you are the special one…the most precious are you alone.

Years would go by…the father would die…and one day the youngest girl said, “Father told me that I was the special one.”  The others all shook their head.

So the secret was out what the father had done…he made them all special…yes every one.

That’s so like what our heavenly father would do when he tells us there’s none quite as special as you.

Not one of us alike and never again…but we’re only special if we’re living for him.

One day he’ll show us how special we are…when he was nailed to that cross, every nail left a scar.

When we’re with him in heaven all his glory we’ll see…even the scars left for you and for me.

We become special when we call on his name.  He made us all special but we’re all not the same.

So if you want to be special, now you know what to do…put your trust in Jesus…he’ll make you special too.

Timothy J. Wright     (c)


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