When God’s living in you, that’s a majority you see.

You can be way outnumbered and still watch your enemy flee.

But if there’s idols in your heart, your enemy’s chasing you.

He’ll steal your blessings one by one and there’s nothing you can do.

I’ll tell you now…you should beware…you’re no match for him.

If God’s not living in you, this enemy will win.

A blessing or a curse…you need to choose between the two.

You can’t just stay on the fence when the devil’s chasing you.

But as for me and my house, we will choose the Lord.

I want God’s blessings to follow us and live forever more.

One thing always happens when Jesus is around.

God’s blessings overtake us and the curse cannot be found.

The choice is very simple, but I will make it really clear.

Fear and death on that side…peace and blessings here.

So if you’re searching for God’s blessings, I can tell you the way.

Jesus is the way….He’s all you need today.

And now if you’re still wondering what side you need to choose,

I would probably choose the side you can’t afford to lose.


Timothy J. Wright       ©




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