If there’s a train wreck behind you and a debris field up ahead

Maybe it’s time to leave a blessing or a good legacy instead.

There’s only one that can do this…there’s only one that understands

There’s only one who has the power to help you start again.

That one would be Jesus…you can come just as you are.

He will heal your broken spirit…He can touch your deepest scar.

His Name’s above all other…all authority belongs to Him.

He can take a life that’s dead and give it reasons to live again.

There’s a cry going out…it’s a shepherd’s cry, I hear.

He is gathering lost sheep…His return is getting near.

Now wake up if you’ve been sleeping and Christ will give you life.

And the legacy you’ll be leaving can be a blessing instead of strife.

The only way you can leave this world better than when you came

Is if you’re trusting Jesus…only He can make the change.

So forget what makes you happy or even your silly pride.

There’s a cross in life to carry…it’s the cross where Jesus died.

Now if the Lord does tarry and you should die before He came

You would leave behind a legacy for the glory of His name.


Timothy J. Wright   (c)


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