Just because God doesn’t judge us today,

Don’t think His judgment’s not on the way.

Sex trafficking in our country has reached an all-time high;

Pornography is called beautiful art is one of Satan’s lies.

Don’t mistake God’s long-suffering to think He just doesn’t care.

Look what happened in Noah’s days…God’s judgment could be near.

As a nation we distribute more pornography than any nation on earth.

Redefine marriage…kill our babies before they come to birth.

Yet our God is very merciful and if we confess our sins,

He is quick to pardon us and heal our hearts again.

But if we continue to go our own way,

We will reap what we sow on Judgment Day.

Eternity is a long time, my friend…a little pleasure now means no pleasure then.

And what about this land we love…did we forget it was a gift from God?

Wake up America…God’s talking to you.

With every drug addict we produce and every rapist, too.

There will be nowhere to hide on Judgment Day.

If our nation gets judged, it’s too late to pray.

So don’t give God a reason to come and judge this land.

It’s not too late to do what’s right…God Bless America again.


Timothy Wright    (c)


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