The Book of Life was opened…this was not the place to be.

If your name wasn’t found in the Book of Life, you were damned for eternity.

This is the Great White Throne Judgment and at His feet you will fall

Every tongue will confess and proclaim that He is Lord of all.

It is appointed to us once to die…then the judgment, good or bad.

No one can pay you in or out…that was a lie that Satan had.

There’s no in between place…it’s only Heaven or hell.

And no such place called purgatory…that was another lie as well.

If living your life in paradise is just not for you

There’s really only one more choice…, so choose between the two.

One thing I must warn you now in case you didn’t know

You might think God is rather mean…it really isn’t so.

Those that went to hell fought God every day

All creation shouts His glory, but they refuse to pray.

Being a nice person will never get you in

Satan thinks he’s also nice, so you’ll end up with him.

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.

So don’t forget it’s Heaven or hell…you need to choose which one.

Don’t be like the ostrich and stick your head in the sand.

Look up and see there is a God and begin to worship Him.

I hope you heed this warning if Heaven is not your home.

You’d be better off eaten by a great white shark than end up at the Great White Throne.


Timothy J. Wright   ©



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