What if the plans God has for you are not what you would choose?

And all the dreams of your heart, one by one, you would lose.

Then you would be the very person I need to talk to today.

Did you know life can get better when things don’t go your way?

Because what if every dream you had would suddenly come true,

And it made you sad instead of happy…then what would you do?

God knows this world can take your heart and steal your love for Him.

He is a very jealous God…return to Him again.

Maybe your broken dreams are a sign of what real love will do

When God sees the idols in your heart, He is jealous over you.

He didn’t just create you and say, “Go and do your thing.”

He had a plan…He had a purpose…in His heart He had a dream.

Will you run from Him?  Where would you go? 

There’s no place you can hide.

And even if you found a place, you would have no peace inside.       

 Return to Him…He waits for you, and you will hear Him say,

“My heart has longed for your return…I’ve waited for this day.”


Timothy J. Wright       (c)


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