Who are we that You should hear our cry? 

Jehovah Jirah our Provider…the never-changing El Shadi.

You put the stars in their place and spoke the world into being.

But take the time to hear our prayer…who are we that You should care.

You know our sorrows and our pains, and understand all our needs.

You are a shelter we can turn to…you are the God who really sees.

Your name gives hope that we can trust in…

your name gives strength to face the day.

Your name’s a fortress we can go to and know our help is on the way.

To you we find our refuge…Abba Father take our hand.

We’re here today and gone tomorrow like a candle in the wind.

But You are strong and You are mighty and with Your strength we overcome

When life’s trials overwhelm us, once again to You we run.

There is a name above all others…go to Him if you are bound.

And call upon the name of Jesus…there is no sweeter name around.

Are you sure you really know Him?  He is more than just a name.

He is the sweetest Rose of Sharon…the smell of lilies in the Spring.

But He will hide among the lilies…only a few will hear His call.

When you find Him, you will know it…He is the sweetest rose of all.


Timothy J. Wright        ©





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