If we compare ourselves with others, we will never see our sin.

  We’ll always find someone and say, “Well, I’m not as bad as him.”

 Did you know that pride is a deceiver…it tells us things that just aren’t true.

  Now I’m not that bad at all when I compare myself to you.

  So compare yourself to Jesus…then tell me where you stand.

  I’ll tell you now what I found out…I was a wretched man.

  God’s grace is free to everyone who’s trusting in the cross.

  To our serial killers in prison and to our heroes at war we lost.

  Yes, even our prisoners go free when they put their trust in him.

  But those that are free and don’t know Christ are more bound up than them.

 There’s only one passport to Heaven…all others will be denied.

  If your hope is not in Jesus, you’re believing Satan’s lie.

 You think you’re a pretty good person, and your good will outweigh your bad.

  You better think twice before you roll those dice,

  because snake eyes is what you have.

 So when you die and stand before God, just remember one thing…

 God will look at you and then your passport…it better say “Redeemed”.


            Timothy Wright

            3/17/2015    (c)



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