Is God really mean?  That’s what people say.

You’ll all burn in Hell if you don’t do it His way.

Wait a minute here…let’s think this thing through.

Is God really mean…is He really that cruel?

If you’re on a sinking ship and you hear the captain say,

“Everyone to a lifeboat…it’s our only way.”

Would you think that he was mean or that he doesn’t even care?

No, you would get into the lifeboat…it would be your only prayer.

This world’s a sinking ship…going deeper into sin.

Jesus is our lifeboat…are you on board with Him?

At the click of a mouse, you can go places you don’t want to be.

Going deeper and deeper into sin…there’s no bottom to that sea.

There’s only one way up…I can tell you what to do.

Get into the lifeboat…it can rescue you.

When Jesus was in the garden, He cried out, “Is there another way?”

Heaven was silent…not a word did the Father say.

He went from the garden to a rugged cross,

There on Calvary He bled and died for sinners just like us.

Because God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,

So if you’re looking for another way…trust me, you won’t find one.   

Timothy J. Wright

3/5/2016      (c)






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