With all the noise and clammer that runs through your head,

Do you ever sit still and listen, instead?

I mean really listen, but not with your ear;

There’s things going on…if you’re quiet you’ll hear.

I’m not talking about Yoga or how to find your inner man.

This is hard to explain…just come with me if you can.

We’ll make a stop along the way and visit with despair.

If you get close, you’ll hear him say…”I should have listened way back there.”

And look at her with her nose up high.

I know who she is…her name is Pride.

And what about him…can you see him yet?

I see him everywhere…his name is Regret.

There’s one more here you need to see…he’s always here; he never leaves.

I tried to tell him years ago but he wouldn’t listen…he just said “No.”

His name is stubborn and he has a temper, too.

I left him over there and he hasn’t even moved.

We need to visit this little church I like to call my home.

It’s a good place to finish up and try to end this poem.

Over there is Sally…she was with Pride.

Someone told her about Jesus.  She believed and came inside.

And this is Jack…he hung out with despair.

But he asked Jesus in his heart, and now he’s coming here.

I could go on and on…there’s many more stories to be told.

But the one I’m really looking for is the one who reads this poem.


Timothy J. Wright – 11/20/2015  (c)

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