I have no regrets and I need to thank You,

Because You have healed all the hurts in my life I’ve been through.

If I could do life all over again, I wouldn’t change one thing I did back then.

You have carefully gone through and healed my deepest pain.

Turned them around and only You would use them for my gain.

All the things in life that really hurt me so…

It was You that had the plans that would one day make me whole.

Now to all those that are wondering if God’s word is faithful and true;

I have no regrets…remember that…and I pray the same for you.

Too many people in this world die with such regrets.

If Jesus would have been their Lord, we know that death is better yet.

On that day when angels come to carry me away,

I want the things I did down here to continue on I pray.

I would like people to say of me…my work down here was through.

He didn’t leave one thing undone…that’s why I’m home with You.

So come to Him just as you are and your new legacy will be…

He lived his life with no regrets since Jesus set him free.


Timothy J. Wright    (c)




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