If your life is filled with mistakes…I wish I would

have and what I should have done.

You could be a candidate for a second chance…a new beginning…a brand new one.

If you’re living in your past, there’s nothing there you can change.

But if you want to change your future, you need to stop and re-arrange.

Maybe start with your priorities…let’s make God number one.

You can’t pretend…He knows your heart.  Before you begin, this must be done.

Remember, you’re getting a new beginning…you get to start all over again.

It might be hard, but it will be worth it…new beginnings have better ends.

You really have nothing to lose…other than mistakes and lots of pain.

So why not do it God’s way…your mistakes He turns to gain.

Now a battle will begin…it’s a battle for control.

But you’re the only one who’s fighting…you could trust God and just let go.

Because whoever wins this battle will determine your destiny.

Old ways are hard to break…but new beginnings can set you free.

So if you’re tired of your old ways, why not try something new.

It’s too late to change your past, but not too late to change you.

Author and producer of new beginnings…the Holy Spirit co-starring

God the Father and Jesus the Son.

P.S.  New beginnings are not for everyone…only for those who are willing to come.


Timothy J Wright            ©


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