Did you know you’re a bigger sinner than you even think you are?

  But did you also know that you are loved by a much greater love by far.

  Now I’m not trying to judge you…that’s not where I’m going here.

  I’ve learned this truth the hard way…by looking in the mirror.

  The more I get to know Him, the more it’s plain to see.

   If it wasn’t for His amazing grace…oh Lord where would I be?

  So don’t think your sin’s so big that you could never go to Him.

  He loves big sinners by the way…I know…I’m one of them.

  Forgiveness is what God does when He’s reaching out his hands.

  Even though we miss his mark, He says come on let’s start again.

  Jesus came to save sinners just like you and me.

  If you think you’re not a sinner, then you’re blind and you can’t see.

  I can still remember the day and will never forget the night

When I asked Jesus in my heart and He gave me back my sight

 He has never ever left me from that very moment on.

 Even though I took Him to lots of spots I should have never gone. 

Oh, His precious love…it reaches down to where we are.

  So don’t even think you’re beyond his reach…you could never go that far.


   Timothy J. Wright    (c)





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