It was You that called us out and cleaned us up along the way.

And it was You that saw our debt…You weighed it out and said, “I’ll pay.”

And I know You love us more…more than the stars above…

more than our deepest love.

More than the tears we cry…more than we wonder why.

You touched our hearts and made us feel your Love for us was more than real.

You brought us through our darkest days and stood beside us in many ways.

Looking back, it was plain to see…it was always You who was chasing me.

You stayed with me through the night till all my fears were gone.

When I let go, You held me tight and waited for the dawn.

It was You who spoke the word…You told the winds and seas obey.

And it was You who flung the stars…You named them all in just one day.

Now it’s You I’ll put my trust…Lord, I will trust You and obey.

You are the everlasting God…You are the one who loves us more.

And when I need a real friend…O Lord, You are the Great I Am. 

Timothy J. Wright

3/21/2016   (c)


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