You can’t put God in a picture frame; he’s to big for this

He might look good on your fireplace, but there’s a lot you’re going to miss.

He’s a God of love and a God of war and a God of peace and so much more.

He holds yesterday, today and forever in his hands.

With our little minds, we could never understand.

His attributes are innumerable; his ways past finding out.

He’s the Lord of Lords and King of Kings; if you’ve ever had a doubt.

He always was and always will be; He’s eternal and forever God Almighty.

The alpha and omega…the beginning and the end;

The creator and sustainer  All things come from him.

I hope you’re getting the picture.  He’s really big, you see.

He holds the universe in his hands; he’s not like you and me.

The earth is just his footstool and the heavens are his throne.

But what makes him even bigger yet, our hearts he calls his home.

And out of all his creation the cross cannot compare. 

It redeems lost sinners like you and me and He dose it all right there.

You see… when He created the heavens and laid out all His plans .

He forgot just one thing He forgot all of your sins.

That’s when mercy left a trail for all of us to see.   

It started at the heart of God and stopped at Calvary.                                                                                

Have you found that trail? It continues to this day.  

Its going to take you to the cross and wash your sins away.

Timothy J. Wright    (c)


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