If you really want to start over, today can be your day.

But all the mistakes you made in life, you can’t just wipe away.

I don’t think starting over means moving to another town.

Because all the baggage that you have just follows us around.

Jesus has a better way of starting over again.

Just take one day at a time as you learn to walk with Him.

Now about that baggage you collected through all the years.

It’s time to lay it at the cross…every sorrow, every tear.

Let Jesus take that load…lay it down and walk away.

Don’t look back or pick it up…today’s a brand new day.

This one thing will happen as you leave it at the cross…

When you walk away you realize the pain is all you lost.

Now you’re almost ready to start your life again.

Just don’t go back or begin to think of how life could have been.

My prayer for you today is that you’ll get your brand new start.

But don’t forget, it must begin with Jesus in your heart.

I leave you now with one more tip on how you should begin.

Give it all to Jesus and you’ll have a happy end.


         Timothy J. Wright     (c)


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