You say your God, he’s really cool.  He lets you swear and bend the rules.

And go to church…that’s not for me.  I can watch those preachers on TV.

So you think your God is a lot more fun because the God you serve makes you number one.

Now the God of the Bible would never agree.  Because the God you serve is no bigger than me.

So if you are the God of all that you do; that would make your God no bigger than you.

Now to make us happy that’s not His plan.  But to make us holy so we look more like Him.

Look up to the Heavens…now what do you see?  Cause your God’s too small, you must agree.

You have your opinion; I also have mine.  But when it comes to God’s Word, He draws the line.

So what makes you think you are happier than me?  I might have something that you cannot see.

Because deep in your heart, there’s a place you can’t fill. 

You’ve tried it with things, but it’s emptier still.

You wonder sometimes why you feel so alone?  That place in your heart can be only God’s home.


Timothy Wright    (c)


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