So what are you going to do with Jesus? Is he just a legend from times of old?

Did you know he said he was God…now that was pretty bold.

He was either the biggest liar the world has ever seen;

Or was he God like he said was…this often troubled me.

Did he know what he was saying…had he gone off the deep end?

He said that he was God; I Am…the great I Am.

That’s why they crucified him…they hung him on a tree.

But death couldn’t keep him in the ground, because he was God, you see.

Sin had entered into the world and it passed from man to man.

So all creation was under sin till the cross when God stepped in.

It was love that kept him on the cross; his love for you and me.

Till the power of sin was broken, and he paid your penalty.

Because God changes everything; that’s what his love can do.

We are broken people in a broken world; but he can make us new.

Jesus had to come into the world to break the power of sin.

Time stood still, erased itself and started over again.

We went from B.C. to A.D…did you ever think about that?  

Two thousand fifteen hundred years ago, God did something new.

He erased everything and started again; He can do the same for you.

Read John 3:16

Timothy J. Wright   (c)


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