Are we really so safe that our enemies can’t get through?

We have the best army, but look what terrorists still do.

God bless America is what keeps this nation free.

But if people stop blessing Him, we’ll lose our liberty.

Are we trusting in our army or are we trusting in our Lord?

And if we’ve lost our moral compass, God could judge us with his sword.

So don’t think we’re so mighty; we won our battles on our knee.

Life’s not just one big party…that’s not what keeps this nation free.

Nine-eleven could be a warning of what our enemies can do.

Are we one nation under God…look around…it’s just not true.

It’s not too late to bring us back to how we first began.

Every star was put upon our flag because we trusted Him.

United we will stand when our hope is in the Lord.

Divided we will fall if we’re not trusting Him at all.


  Timothy Wright    (c)


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