One day the Heavens will open and the trumpet of God will sound.

The dead in Christ will come alive and be raised up from the ground.

No more sorrow, no more pain…death will lose its sting.

We will reign with Him for evermore and Jesus will be our King.

Now even if you’re in the ground and your body rots away,

He’ll raise you up to be with Him on Resurrection Day.

I don’t know how, but He is God and God could never lie.

He’ll raise us up at the trumpet sound and we’ll meet Him in the sky.

But only if you know Jesus will you live for evermore.

You must find Him while you’re still living before death has shut the door.

Is it hard for you to believe? than  Consider this, my friend.

Two thousand year old seeds were planted and they came to life again.

Jesus is our living seed and if He’s living inside of you,

He’ll raise you up even if you’re dead with a body that’s brand new.

But if you didn’t live for Him and the trumpet begins to blow,

You won’t even hear a sound and you’ll end up down below.

You say, “How can I find this Jesus?”  You seek Him with all your heart.

Not with your mind…you won’t find Him there…the heart is where you start. 

So this is my advice to you…don’t miss the trumpet call.

Give your heart to Jesus now and make Him Lord of all.


Timothy J. Wright     ©



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