Do you have the real Jesus?  I pray to God you do.

 Because there’s a lot of them around, but only One is really true.

 Does He have your heart and are you trusting in Him?

 Is He Lord of your life, or is he just a good friend.

 The real Jesus has a cross He gives to me and you.

 And on that cross, He showed the world what real love would do.

 The heavens were watching on that day as darkness filled the air.

 You know it wasn’t just the nails that held Him up there.

 Our debt was so great, it took his blood to pay the cost.

 Did you know that it was love that held Him to the cross?

 So do you have the right Jesus…the one who died to set you free?

 The one all heaven’s eyes were watching when they nailed Him to that tree.

 He could have called ten thousand angels to take Him from that cross.

 But don’t you know if He did that, we would still be lost.

 So if you have the right Jesus, there’s a cross you bear today.

 And that cross to you is precious because it took your sins away.

 So don’t be fooled by another Jesus…the real Jesus defeated sin.

 You will know Him when you find Him…He has the nail prints in His hands.

Timothy J. Wright     (c)



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