The fullness of the gentiles was finally now all in

His thousand year reign was just starting to begin.

The line to see Aslan stretched out for miles.

The first in line were those in life who had the hardest trials.

But who are these all dressed in white I heard an angel say.

They were those who fought the beast that the antichrist would slay.

They shined like the morning sun, and a new name was given them.

Aslan called them “faithful” because they were faithful to the end.

You could always find them very near to the throne.

Aslan made them pillars in the temple of his home.

These were those who fought the beast, even on to death

Some in line were grieved when they saw their faithfulness.

And others were very sad because they did not give their all.

In life they were too selfish and missed God’s higher call.

They wished they could go back if only for one day.

And do the things they should have done, but time had slipped away.

We will all give an account one day of what we did or did not do.

Aren’t you glad it’s not too late for me and for you?

So remember now when life gets tough…be faithful through it all.

And you could be a pillar in God’s temple standing tall.


Timothy J Wright     ©




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