I guess I better warn you so I can say I told you so;

There is a God…the Bible’s true, and you will be judged on what you know.

I can tell you Bible stories…you could even shed a tear.

But if Jesus is not your savior, it works against you up there.

Some have never heard the truth…that Jesus can save them from their sin.

But if you heard and don’t believe, your judgment’s worse than them.

Jesus said this will judge us starting at His Word,

So you’re better off on Judgment Day if you really never heard.

It’s not true for those who love Him and want to call Him Lord.

But those that don’t…the Word of God is sharper than a sword.

One day it will expose the way you really feel about Him.

I hope you’re comfortable in your own shoes…I know that I sure am.

The Word of God is powerful….it can break down Satan’s lies.

So I’m praying for you that one day soon, it will open up your eyes.

I’m sending you this letter…my intent is not in vain.

My hope for you is one day soon, you’ll call on Jesus’ name.

I can’t bear the thought that in Heaven you won’t be there;

So I’m on my knees praying for you that Heaven we both can share.

Now, don’t send me an IOU…your debt’s already been paid.

Jesus paid it on the cross…then rose up from the grave.

I hope you get this letter in time….I tried to rush it through.

And when you do, remember this…I’m still praying for you.  


            Timothy J. Wright           ©


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