So where are your thoughts as you go through your day?

 Is your mind set on Jesus?  Did you take time to pray?

 The time to decide is when you get out of bed.

 Will you rush through your day, or seek God instead?

 It’s the little foxes you know that destroy the vine

 And it’s what we don’t do with the thing called time.

 Everyone has it…no more or no less.

 Just twenty-four hours…did you know it’s a test?

 Tomatoes get ripe when they stay on the vine,

 But there’s one thing they need…they need lots of time.

 It’s not the warm nights or the bright sunny days;

 It takes time for a tomato to reach its last stage.

 If we’re quiet before Him, His seed starts to grow.

 When you’re faithful in life, your fruit starts to show.

 I was not faithful as I went through my day;

 Not thinking of Him or stopping to pray.

 I spent years of my life going nowhere with Him;

 I had to go back and start over again.

 When I did go back to give Him my all

 The seed that He planted was still very small.

 But He stayed right there when I went away;

 He was watching and waiting for me every day.

 He is the good shepherd…ever true to the end.

 He waits for his sheep till they all come home.

                                                                                    Timothy Wright   ©


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