My son, you must go quickly.  The false church is spreading lies.

Your seed is being threatened…and I have heard their cries.

The Lion roared as He left the throne…His speed was faster than light.

Satan was trying to destroy His seed…now Aslan would need to fight.

First he would move a remnant to a place across the sea.

And bring them to a land unknown…far from their enemy.

The people  laughed as they boarded ships…you’ll fall off the edge of the earth.

But Aslan would lead them to a faraway place and America would find her birth.

The times were hard…the winters long, but they would finally have a home.

Aslan would not leave their side till His seed could stand alone.

Satan’s anger was being unleashed to all who opposed his lie.

The blood of the martyrs would plant the seeds…the false church begins to die.

Filled with fury and filled with rage, he would go to the new land.

In his revenge, attack God’s seed and try to rule over them.

But Aslan stirred the people and when they prayed through the night,

Farmers went out as warriors, but not in their own might.

This army was strong and well prepared, but the people continued to pray.

Those farmers took their pitchforks and mowed them down like hay.

Aslan’s roar shook the land…it was a roar of victory.

The people shouted, “Our God reigns!” as they watched their enemy flee.

Timothy J. Wright  ©



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