Walking by faith…it’s not so easy to do.

My senses can’t help me…I don’t hear or see You.

As I’m trying to trust You a little more every day,

I find that my senses just get in the way.

You tell me “look back at all the things we’ve been through;”

It reminds me once again…where would I be without You?

If I look too far ahead, I know what You’ll say…

Don’t worry about tomorrow…I’ll give you strength for today.

I know You are teaching us to wait on You;

But when there’s storms all around us, that’s really hard to do.

Forgive us when we doubt or think You just don’t care;

Remind us of the cross and the love You showed us there.

We have no place to turn…You close us in on every side.

And if we try to run from you, there’s no place we can hide.

Your love, Lord, has captured us…prisoners are we.

With bars of love and amazing grace, we give to You our keys.

Tell us over and over and over again…

Till our faith rises up and our fears leave within.

How much You love us….how much You care…

Remind us again that You’ll always be there.

We know that you love us…we’ve been redeemed by Your hand.

But when life gets hard and trials come, tell us over and over and over again.


Timothy Wright  6/11/2015      (c)   

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