The weak are yelling out…”Look at me…I am strong”

 They now have the secrets to the nuclear bomb.

 The nations are fearful…will it get any worse?

 As they test their new bombs and continue to curse.

 The people want peace now at any price

 And they just opened the door for the Antichrist.

Seven years of tribulation…did it all just begin?

 God’s people are wondering…could this be the end?

 A leader emerges but not in his own power.

 He claims he is God…this is his hour.

 He says he’ll bring peace throughout all the land,

 And that he is God…the world worships him.

 He curses God’s laws…all power is mine

 And an unholy trinity begins to unwind.

 He makes war with the saints…they have no power over him.

 If the church has been raptured, one by one they joined them.

 But now he has trouble coming out of the East.

 These nations won’t submit to his new plans of peace.

 So, greedy for power, he has a new plan

 “He’ll go to Jerusalem and make peace with them.”

 When the peace treaties signed, God’s people all know

 There’s three and a half years of suffering to go.

 He defiles the temple just like Daniel foretold

 The abomination of desolation that was spoken of old.

 It’s the time of Jacob’s trouble, there could be no doubt

 God’s people all hide to wait this thing out.

 Now the judgments of God all start to begin

 Satan knows that his time will come to an end.

 “Worship me” he demands…”your God is dead.

 Those that don’t follow will all lose their head.” 

 I wish I could tell you this story’s not true and America will always be free.

 But half of this story has already happened…the rest is yet to be.


 Timothy J. Wright

5/18/2016     ©


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