What an incredible story with an incredible plan!

God designed it all from beginning to end.

His ways are not our ways…He knows what will be.

From the first to the last, all things He can see.

His thoughts are much higher and wiser than ours.

With the breath of His mouth, He created the stars.

We fell from His grace on the day Adam sinned.

He was living in Paradise and walking with Him.

But God in His wisdom did think all things through.

He knew we would fall and He knew what to do.

He would put on our flesh…this was His plan.

And become one of us to redeem all of man.

Since the beginning of time, God sets the scene.

He’s the Alpha and Omega and all things in between.

There is none like Him…if you search you will see.

He was and He is and He always will be.

Do you know who put the stars in the sky?

Because there’s a time to be born and a time you must die.

Are you ready today if you took your last breath?

Do you know where you’ll go from the grave after death?

This is my job…to warn you my friend.

I’ve been called by the Lord…an ambassador of Him.

If I do not tell you, your blood is on me.

But if you do not listen, a fool you will be.


Timothy J. Wright – 12/5/2015      ©

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