Come with me if you dare to a place where nothing’s real

You won’t need the brains that God gave you…just go by what you feel.

What’s true for you won’t be true for me…there’s no absolutes down here.

What’s right for me won’t be right for you…come with me if you dare.

This is a very scary place because everyone’s opinion is fine.

You don’t offend me; I won’t offend you…your truth is as good as mine.

The prisons are empty…they are all set free.

When you don’t have truth, consequences can never be.

So here’s a world without truth and a world without God

It’s looking more and more like today,

but Jesus said “I am the Truth,  I only am the way.”

So don’t be those people who criticize Christians,

because God’s truth is precious to us.

We see what could happen if we didn’t have it; that’s why we put up such a fuss.

God’s truth is exalted even above His name. 

It’s not my truth and it’s not your truth…it’s

His truth we proclaim

So you better think twice about writing God off; He’s not a progressive, you see.

When He spoke His word it’s final and true from now till eternity.

A world without truth is a world without God is a world lost in sin,

So the laws that we have to keep us safe in this land…they need to be coming from Him.


Timothy J. Wright    ©


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