Precious moments are when we’re trusting You and the path is hard to find.

But when we look back, it was plain to see You were with us all the time.

Or when we are still and alone with You and Your glory fills our hearts;

And you heal our scars when we let You in as You search our deepest parts.

The mystery of your love keeps us longing to see more;

When now and then You show us something we’ve never seen before.

So show us more and tell us more, and hear us when we pray.

You are the one that we adore…we need you more each day.

When life gets hard and trials come, be there to calm our fears.

Because when we pray, we can count on You…You’ve been

faithful through the years.

Precious times are when we give you praise and the words come alive.

When you touch us deep down in our hearts, tears will fill our eyes.

Those tears aren’t there because we’re scared or because we don’t love You;

They’re only there because we remember all the things You brought us through.

Timothy J. Wright

June 25, 2015     (C)

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