Here’s a story of a navy destroyer that ruled over sea and land.

No plane or boat could veer his course…he would move for none of them.

With his guided missiles fully loaded to go, he alone controlled the sea.

Everyone who picked a fight with him was now just a memory.

The captain himself was a man of war…the ocean was his to cruise.

If you picked a fight with his destroyer, it was you to be sure to lose.

On the horizon, there’s a light in the distance…the first mate would call ahead.

“Move your course five degrees to the right.”  “No, you must move instead.”

The captain was furious as he grabbed the mike…”My guns are aimed at you.

Move your course five degrees to the right, or you will see what they can do.”

I am Private First Class John Smith…you must give me room.

I am the captain of a navy destroyer…turn or meet your doom.                   

 A voice called back, “You can never move me…my foundation is on a rock.

I am a lighthouse for all to see and come safely to my dock.

There’s only one route I will let you take…now you will listen to me.

Turn your course five degrees to the right and head back out to sea.

The captain was silent as he veered his course…something he had never done.

He fought many battles and won many wars, but this private first class had won.

Jesus is our lighthouse…His Word is ever true.

When the destroyer comes with his big guns, He will fight for you.

So turn your course if you don’t know Him.  The cross is solid ground.

Don’t build your house on sinking sand when the destroyer is still around.

Timothy J. Wright

4/30/2016      (C)

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