Do you know God knows all your thoughts?  Believe it or not, it’s true.

All your dreams, all your fears, and everything you do.

You can tell God all your secret things you would never share.

He puts them in the sea of forgetfulness, and He says no fishing here.

You say there’s sins you won’t give up…sins you like to do.

With God you really don’t give up…you trade for something new.

When I gave to Him my pennies, He is very generous you see.

I reached inside my pockets…gold coins were given me.

He satisfied the hungry heart with more than it could hold.

And filled it up way past the top until it overflowed.

So bring to Him your deepest hurts and see what He will do.

And also sins you struggle with…He even takes them, too.

Bring your questions, bring your doubts, bring Him everything.

I challenge you to bring them all till there’s nothing more to bring.

Beyond your dreams, beyond your hopes, beyond what you’ve been told.

There is a love God pours in us…our hearts could never hold.

Timothy J. Wright

 5/10/2016  (C)


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