To you who are hurting now give me your ears

And I’ll tell you a story passed down through the years.

The story’s unending…the message still true

Pay attention my friend…this could be for you.

This is a story the proud will not hear,

But you who are hurting…come now and draw near.

Pain is God’s phone…is He calling today?

Are you going through life, but not looking His way?

So for you who are hurting, this could be God’s test

He’s says “Come to Me and I’ll give you rest.”

This story is repeated down through the years

When we cry out to God, He really hears.

But those who are proud will go their own way.

That’s for the weak…not for me they will say.

It is for the weak, but with God we’re made strong.

I’d rather be weak and be right and not wrong.

To you who will love Him, this message is clear

We find that through suffering, our hearts are drawn near.

To you who are proud this does not apply

But neither will grace on the day that you die.

Timothy J. Wright – 11/6/15     (C)

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