If your life down here has left you needy,

I know the solution…you need to get greedy.

Yep, that’s what I said…get greedy, my friend.

But be greedy for Jesus…now your needs won’t just end.

One thing will happen as you go through your day;

The things that you needed one by one go away.

He supplies all of our needs…I found this to be.

When I’m greedy for Jesus, He satisfies me.

So forget the big boat or that house on the hill.

And get greedy for Jesus…you might get them still.

Because the things of this world are not precious, you see.

Not like loved ones and friendships or your own family.

But mostly love Jesus, who’s more precious than all.

And the things of this world will look pretty small.

Don’t be like the dog that kept chasing his tail.

He’s accomplishing nothing…even if he prevails.

Remember, oh Lord, that we are but dust.

Who else can we turn to if You don’t help us? 

When the world looks too big and You look to small,

Remind us again who created it all.

Timothy J. Wright

4/30/2016    (C)

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