I can tell you over and over how much He cares for you.

But only you can cry out to Him to see if this is true.

Maybe life is good right now and things are just o.k.

But there comes a time for everyone when life is not that way.

Go to Him when life is good…spend time with Him each day.

So when life gets rough and you need Him, He’s just a prayer away.

Most don’t stop to seek Him, but they forgot one thing;

God said this would happen before the coming of our King.

Only a remnant will He save…we see that this is true.

If you know Jesus as your Savior, that remnant would be you.

But if you don’t, it’s like I said…there’s a time for everything.

Every knee will bow before Him and declare that He is King.

Those that know Him will be with Him in paradise that day.

So I pray that you are His remnant and you’re on the narrow way.

Multitudes are on the wrong path that will lead them to their doom;

With their last breath they will see Him, but the grave will be their tomb.

Today’s the day for salvation so if you hear Him call

Run to Him with all your heart and make Him Lord of all!

Timothy J. Wright

4/2/2016     (C)

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