Has He not chosen you…you didn’t choose Him.

And did He not count the cost when He paid off all your sin.

So why are you surprised when He looks inside of you,

And shows you things that are in your heart…things you never knew.

God is living in you…that’s always been His plan.

It’s what He meant when He said to you, “You must be born again.”

There’s something deeper gong on…it’s like a marriage that seals the bond.

He’s gone too far to turn back now…He’s made the seal, He’s vowed the vow.

Nothing can separate Him from you…not a demon from hell or things you do.

The cross sealed our bond.  You need to understand.

The cords that were tied were tied by His own hand.

He’s not a man that He could lie…His cords are strong; His bond is tied.

He lost us once, but never again.  The cross has brought us back to Him.

Could He love you more…I see no way.  He poured His love on you that day.

With thicker cords of mercy and grace, His blood poured out, our sins erased.

So if you wonder how secure you really are…let me tell you once again.

No power from Heaven or of hell below could take you from His hand.

Timothy J. Wright

4/20/2016     (C)

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