Bring me to that quiet spot as I go about my day;

The place where I can meet with You and my cares all go away.

Holy Spirit take control…I know You want what’s best;

When my heart is set on things above, my mind will be at rest.

Past the cares of my day, farther I must go

Beyond the noises in my mind where quiet waters flow.

There I’ll find a place of rest beneath the willow tree.

You have a table all prepared and everything’s for me.

It’s filled with all I need today, but  I must be moving on.

I’ll take some with me as I go and be back before it’s gone.

The world’s a very busy place…we need somewhere to go.

A place where someone knows our needs and peaceful waters flow.

Why do we get so caught up and hurry through our day?

With so much stuff that’s on our mind, we need to get away.

Just give to Him your anxious thoughts…He sorts them one by one.

And leave with Him your open heart…He’ll close it when He’s done.

Who cares for us like He does…no one that I know.

So isn’t it time you got away where peaceful waters flow.

Timothy J. Wright

4/19/2016     (C)

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