Do you think you could never be a Christian because your life is such a mess?

God fixes messed up people…let’s put Him to the test.

You might have tried it once before, but did you understand?

You can’t do this on your own…you need to trust in Him.

Just come to Jesus as you are…that always works the best.

He’s the One who does the work and cleans up all the mess.

If you think you don’t need His help, you better think again.

Because pride can keep you far away…and that’s a bigger sin.

So why not try it one more time…you can start today.

The cross is where you need to go…it’s the only way.

Yes, the cross is where you must begin…it will help you with your pride.

You need to see how He suffered and was rejected before He died.

You can put a cross around your neck or hang it on a wall;

But until you’ve been to Calvary, it has no power at all.

Paint it on your body or put it on your arm;

But just remember this my friend…it’s not a good luck charm.

His road to Calvary was painful…every step was out of love.

He was weak from all the beatings as He left a trail of blood.

When Calvary’s hill He had to climb, He had my sins and yours in mind.

Out of strength but not out of love…even forsaken by His Father above.

So don’t tell me you’re so messed up, that you can’t try again.

Jesus was more messed up than you when all our sins were put on Him.

Timothy J. Wright

4/18/2016     (C)


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