This message is for someone…maybe it’s for you

If you go online for pornography like lots of people do.

Einstein said, “I’m not addicted to cigarettes…they have no power on me.”

“I’ve quit over a hundred times…it’s as easy as can be.”

Addictions are hard to break…this is God’s plan.

Because when we struggle to come out, we think twice to go back in.

That’s why they’re called addictions…but the truth can set you free.

You can’t replace real love with what you’re watching on TV.

Did you know that when you lust, you walk through Satan’s door?

With an appetite that can’t be filled…you’ll just keep wanting more.

But if you go through God’s door, He can set you free.

Just in case you didn’t know, He created sex, you see.

It was never meant to be perverted…it’s a gift from God above.

But if you misuse it, you will lose it and get lust instead of love.

Many men take Viagra…I think this is the reason why

They replace love for a picture and believe Satan’s lie.

It’s very sad to see the damage of what pornography can do.

It can destroy two lives forever…I hope that isn’t you.   

Timothy J. Wright

2/6/2016     (C)


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